Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hoofprints postscript

One weekend in October, when the aspens were clad in golden splendor, we took the granite plaque and placed it over Billy's final resting place. The day was absolutely beautiful; the view out to the meadow clear and bright. My dear husband was the one behind this. He created and ordered it. I think it is only fitting that such a wonderful horse be commemorated with such a beautiful marker and I am so grateful to Gary for being so dear and thoughtful. He actually posted on facebook, " When I married my horse in 1983 I got the package deal--he came with a complimentary wife and two daughters. Little did I know how little I knew of horses or women, or how much I could love both. Billy--Bean, to me--became the arbiter of where we lived, what we drove, where we recreated, and where we shopped. And over the long years his horsey sense of humor, dappled belly, grumbling nicker, and steady dark-eyed gaze became ingrained in our lives. He brought a bit of Rohan into all of our lives...." And now he is gone and still, even 5 months later, we still shed many tears. His absence will always be present. His hoofprints will never fade. .  .