Friday, January 29, 2010

Well, I decided, rather than wait for Madigan to be born, wait another week to go to Nashville, then spend a week there, THEN go pick my wee scottie puppy, that it would be far better to get the little thing NOW, have a week to bond with him, and do some training. I went to Buckeye this afternoon and now have this totally adorable Wheaton puppy in all his unspeakable cuteness alseep in his kennel for a short nap. Whew! He was crying incessantly until Jane went in and barked once. He completely got quiet and there has been not a peep since. I think she will be an excellent Nanny. Now the problem looms...what di we name him? Archie MacDonald? Boggle? Boggletavish? Tavish? Malcolm Tavish? Mungo (means "my wolf" in Gaelic)? You see, it's a problem. Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stepping off the edge

Today, I decided to step out of a very real comfort zone and go to a Toastmasters meeting. A good friend just joined last week. I will join next week. It's a most terrifying experience to be critiqued, to speak, often without making eye contact because people seem to be thinking about other things than what you are trying to say. But, I know that to submit myself to this kind of growing and expanding will only be of tremendous benefit. I can take the pain for it will yield lasting and very beneficial results. ( kind of like deep tissue massage) Can't wait till next week.