Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This morning in Austin

Water, for an Arizonian means something totally different than water for a person from anywhere else (except maybe the Sahara). Given the resort setting of my kid's apartment complex and the temperature of the wind and water, the sound of the fountains spilling from pool to pool and my natural proclivity for being buoyant, looking up at the morning sky, billowy clouds whipping around, it was a very deep pleasure to be swimming at 7:00 am and absolutely no one else crazy enough to be there with me, in the water, (Jessica was actually sitting nearby, not participating in my silent hilarity), totally immersed in this incredibly sensual reality. Can words really convey the extent of my gladness to be thus engulfed in such absolute immediateness, such complete, unadulterated yesterday, no tomorrow, just NOW? Then into the hot tub. Ah, can it possibly get any better? then back into the pool...more clouds, more wind in the palm trees, more freelance flirtations with exquisite non-compartmentalized reality. Ah. Yes. Me thinks I shall repeat this experience on the morrow.