Sunday, September 13, 2009

September afternoon...reflections

September afternoon
It's still hot here in Scottsdale....104 I think today...maybe hotter. and it's mid September. There is a breeze and a few high clouds. No rain. Everything is dry and parched. Most of the flowers have gone somewhere else. Even my garden dried up, despite lots of irrigating. Just too much heat for too many days. BUT life is good. I now await the coming of our first grandchild, sometime in January. Can't believe it really. But I have seen the ultrasound photos and know it's true. Eryn even felt the first little flutterings the other day. Gary is in Nashville helping them paint their condo. He'll be back in a couple days.

Meanwhile, I am reflecting on the very great probability that I am to write a book. I have to face reality however and I do understand that a book proposal must be created before anything else. Now for someone as spontaneous and without order as myself, that could prove a real trial. However, my friend Adele is deep into the process and nearly finished with her own book, so I KNOW it is possible. However, she is an engineer by trade and ultimately organized. That was definitely a huge bonus in her journey. But, I also KNOW it is time to begin. I feel the flutterings inside me of anticipation and hope that I will somehow be able to say what needs to be said in a way that will touch those whose hearts cry out and for whom there are no defined answers.