Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Final Hoofprints

These photos were taken a few days before Jess and I left for Sierra Fiddle Camp. We knew he would not be here when we returned. There really are no words to describe what a huge part of our lives this horse was. Looking back through all these posts, I see him woven throughout the fabric of our everyday. I still remind myself it's time to feed Billy lunch, as I have done for the past 13 years. I still hear his soft whinney in the mornings when I go out to the gazebo to sip my coffee. He was and will always be a beloved horse to each of us in this family. We miss him terribly. I am so grateful that we were able to bury his ashes up on the beautiful mountain on our land, where hopefully we will someday have a cabin. Gary is going to get a plaque made with his picture on it and some fitting words to put over his grave. 

Hoofprints in the Sunset

One late afternoon, in 2005, when the sky was very beautiful, I took these pictures with Jessica and Billy.

Hoofprints and Gary

No matter what Gary was doing, if Billy was anywhere nearby, he would have to be a part of it.

I decided to insert this blog-entry from January, 2011. I think it gives an insight into the preparatory trauma we experienced months before we finally said goodbye. 

I just talked with Stacey, my vet. She stopped by this afternoon to see how Billy is doing. He doesn't have long, I fear. She will drop off a different kind of medicine to manage the pain in his left knee tomorrow. She said that he may do ok for another month or so...but then, the day WILL come when he just won't be able to get up once he lies down. Bless his dear heart. He is still so alert. still whinneys when I go out to feed him...still relishes his organic apple or carrot before lunch. Oh, my gosh. How on earth can I even think about the inevitable. The pain deepens with every passing day, knowing that each day only brings us closer to his last. Nearly half my life he's shared. The great given, that which I love I must someday say good bye to, is always shoved aside, deep into the recesses of tomorrow. But tomorrow always comes. May God give me the strength.

McBean said...
I've been thinking about Billy Bob all day, strangely enough. He's a member of our family and so much a part of each of us. He's been through every season of my life and I can truthfully say there is not a time that I can remember where he wasn't part of what made life life. The season of goodbye is a time we can all safely dread, I think.

Hoofprints with Teona and Kaysee

This one is my favorite. It was taken at Thanksgiving 2010 when T and K were here.

Miscellaneous Hoofprints with Jessica

 Sometime in 1990 when we were boarding the horses at Terese's

 Riding with Marra
 Watermelon...oh yummy!!
Thanksgiving 2010

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hoofprints in the Desert

Driving was always a favorite...of Krista and of Billy. It was a sad day when I had to sell the cart. Billy could no longer be driven due to his ringbone so a man from Prescott bought it. I hope he had as much fun with it as we did.

Krista and Jessica
 Jessica and I riding with a friend, Monica and her daughter out at Spur Cross in Cave Creek
 Krista and Billy up on Lone Mountain
 Teona and Kaysee on Billy, I on Fancy
 Eryn and Krista

 Eryn and I
 Jessica and Krista

I love these black and white photos of Krista and Jess with the horses.

Hoofprints in Bath Water

Billy always loved being wet...esp. in the heat of the desert. 
We had to always tie him up or he would do his most favorite thing...roll in the dirt.

Hoofprints in Arizona

After living at Tatum Park in Scottsdale for about 18 months, and boarding the horses up in Cave Creek, we decided to move away from HOAs and cul-de-sacs and buy a house on a dirt road on Windstone Trail in Cave Creek. Sounded and felt kind of wild, or wilder.  They changed the city to Scottsdale a couple months after we moved there. Oh well. At least we tried. A neighbor let us keep the horses in their barn until Gary was able to build the "mare motel", a pretty more than adequate structure, esp. once the rubber mats were added (thanks to Krista).

 Jessica with Grandma McCaleb
 Gary and his dad, "Pop"

 We woke up one morning to find buffalo in the back yard...escapees from a training facility a few blocks away. With a lot of effort, we were able to locate the owners and after corralling them in the one pen (apparently they like alfalfa hay), with tarps and much patience they were finally loaded in the stock trailer brought to rescue them from their own folly. Billy was SO curious!